I love my work! I feel so lucky to spend my time working on a vision that I know comes from the truth of who I am. I don’t know if I will always be this lucky, but I am deeply grateful for the opportunity.

At times, when I am noticing how much I love my work and how much I enjoy what I do, I notice another feeling creeping in; guilt. Can you believe it?! Why on earth would I feel guilty?

I have been wondering about this.

Luckily, I have a yogic tool box that I can access for these kinds of things. Svadyaya, a central concept in yoga, is useful here. Svadyaya means study of the self. The idea with svadyaya is that we have to explore our internal terrain if we want to be free from the patterns that bind us. And believe me, guilt is binding.

Upon further inquiry into my guiltiness, I see it coming from a part of me that thinks that I don’t deserve to do what I love and make an actual living. This part me actually believes that I have to suffer at work.

Isn’t that silly? It doesn’t make any sense. But yet, I have this feeling, which reflects a deep subconscious belief (as feelings often do).

As I examine the belief behind my feeling, I remember the family I was raised in, where my dad worked long hours at a job he hated so we could make ends meet. I also think about our culture, and the messages that it sends us, and I see that same idea there; you have to suffer at work, at least a little, because it’s work, and no one likes to work. But you have to do it!

This of course, is bullshit (excuse my french, but it really is). The influences that helped shape my subconscious belief are actually completely irrelevant to me; my dad made very different life choices and was a very different person from me, and that message that our culture feeds us is just a lie, plain and simple. (Perhaps it was even originally constructed to keep us feeling powerless?! I won’t get started on my conspiracy theories right now… but… just sayin’…)

This subconscious belief that we have to suffer is also something that I see a lot in other people when I give them psychic readings. I see folks who believe that they have to suffer at their work, or in their relationships, or in their life in general. The cool thing is that I also see, very often, that people are ready to let go of that energy and move forward toward a life of less suffering, more joy and deeper fulfillment.

The question at this point is often “Yes, that’s what I want, but how do I do it?”

This is a good question.

Fortunately, there is also a good answer. The answer lies in the wisdom of the heart.

We have all heard the saying “follow your heart.” Maybe we have heard it so much that it has lost it’s meaning. But there is a reason this saying is so ubiquitous; it’s because it’s true.

The energy in and around your physical heart (a.k.a. your heart chakra) is an amazing internal compass that is designed to lead you toward fulfillment. I’m sure that you have experienced it’s abilities at some point in your life. Even if you didn’t follow it’s directions in the end, I know that you have heard it’s voice; it is joy.

Joy is the voice of the heart saying “yes! go that way!” Our hearts are always speaking to us, we just very often fail to listen, maybe because we just don’t want to, we’re too scared, we can’t believe that we can really do what makes us happy, or we spend so much time in our heads that we can’t even hear what our hearts are saying. Whatever the reason, don’t despair; you can reclaim your ability to hear and trust your wise heart. You just have to practice.

Practice in little ways. Before you sit down to a really good meal, or right when you reach the amazing view at the end of your hike, or just as you greet a dear friend that you haven’t seen in awhile, notice what it feels like in the space around your heart. Get used to it’s language.

Once you can hear the voice of your heart, you can ask it questions. Then you can practice summoning your courage and following it’s advice. Again, start small. It’s a practice!

Of course, it can seem convoluted at times. There can be a lot of other voices, a lot of fear, a lot of factors to consider, and challenging circumstances. Yet underneath it all, your heart is always there, guiding you towards freedom.

Here’s my shameless plug; when things are really convoluted, this is where I come in! A psychic reading is a great way to help sort out all the different voices, release fear, and hear the deep wisdom that is already inside of you.

I’m a great psychic. I’m not trying to toot my horn, but I just know that I am. I know that I am because I know that I am doing what I was meant to do. How do I know that? Because after a reading, I feel deep joy in my heart. (And guilt, but I am in the process of kicking that sucker to the curb!) This joy is my birthright. It’s yours too. I hope you will join me in claiming it.