About Mother Earth Medicine

I have always known that am called to be a healer. After many years of study and preparation, I am finally able to integrate all of my various skill sets into a comprehensive practice that offers unique and powerful healing to those in need.

When we are in need of healing we may seek the wisdom and support of conventional Western medicinal approaches. Sometimes we get what we are looking for, and sometimes conventional medicine leaves us with much to be desired. This is often because conventional medicine fails to acknowledge the more subtle planes of our existence on which everything is connected.

This is where I can help: I offer Nature-based healing for the spiritual, energetic, mental and physical realms of being, with the acknowledgement that all of these parts of us are interrelated and fundamentally inseparable. True healing must address all parts of our experience, including those that are invisible to the naked eye. In doing this, I am able to address the roots of suffering and help my clients realign with their original nature, which is one of wholeness, freedom and well-being.