Plant Spirit Medicine

If you look even briefly at the history of mankind, you can see that we humans have not been around for very long.

Plants, on the other hand, have literally been on this earth for millions of years.

Because of this they are much more evolved than we are and have a great deal to teach us. Plants are incredible healers and can help us to grow into our highest potential.

The energy (or ‘spirit’), of a single plant species contains within in it an enormous reservoir of healing light and deep wisdom. This is a very powerful energy that can help us to rehabilitate, restore and expand our hearts and minds.

In a plant spirit healing session, I work as a medium between your energy field and the energetic field of a plant. I deliver the healing vibration of the plant to you. Think of it as energetic herbal medicine.

I deliver this vibration to you in two ways:

  1. Through a psychic reading. (This takes place in the first half of our session.)
  2. Through a sound bath. (This takes place in the second half half of our session.)

These powerful, transformative sessions are about 60 minutes long and held at my office in Seattle’s Columbia City neighborhood.

Investment: My rates are sliding scale, meaning that I ask you to pay whatever you can afford; somewhere between 115 – 165 dollars for this service.