Experience & Training

2000 - 2002: Attended Bastyr University and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science.

2001 - 2010: Trained as a yoga teacher, became a certified yoga therapist at the most advanced level (Referred to as “ERYT-500”), interned for several years and finally worked for several years at a yoga therapy clinic in the Central District of Seattle. The clinic was called “The Samarya Center” and is now, sadly, closed. My teachers, mentors and employers were the founders and owners of the clinic; Molly Lannon Kenny and Stephanie Sisson.

2010 - 2015: Worked as a yoga instructor teaching classes at various studios around Seattle and ran a private yoga therapy practice where I treated clients with PTSD, C-PTSD, chronic pain, anxiety, etc.

2011 - 2013: Attended The School Of Evolutionary Herbalism where I completed their Alchemical Herbalism Program. This program included the study of plant spirit healing, spiritual ecology, traditional Western Herbalism, Ayurveda, the relationship between plants and the elements, the planets, energetic patterns of nature, medical astrology and astro-herbalism, as well as Alchemy, Spagyrics, and the Hermetic tradition.

2011 - 2015: Completed both the Energy Healing Program and the Clairvoyant Awareness Program at Psychic Awakenings. Psychic Awakenings is a school in Seattle that is an offshoot of the Berkley Psychic Institute. Here I learned energy healing and became trained as a psychic (i.e. someone who can read energy).

2013 - 2017: Developed and taught a 200-hour yoga teacher training program that I offered through Lotus Yoga in Seattle’s Columbia City neighborhood. This intimate program (with only 8 students per cohort) focused on yoga as a spiritual practice, rather than as a form of physical exercise. I was the sole instructor and was responsible for all of the curriculum.

2015 - Present: Opened (and now I maintain) my private practice, Mother Earth Medicine.

2016 - 2017: Completed year one of Gina Sala's Sound School. This program teaches sound healing through the use of mantra, raga, voice empowerment, breath work, dream work and energy exercises.

2017 - 2020: A spiritual teacher and medicine woman named Tara Boyce took me on as an apprentice. Tara is a well-respected practitioner of multiple healing modalities including yoga, energy work, shamanic healing and plant spirit medicine.

2020 - Present: Currently completing my Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy certificate from The Embody Lab.

2021 - Present: Professional mentorship, support and supervision with a counselor and medicine woman named Sandra Morse. Sandra is a gifted healer with over 20 years of experience in multiple modalities, including plant spirit healing and ecstatic dance.

2022 - Present: Currently completing a touch skills training for trauma therapists called Transforming The Experience-Based Brain that was created by a therapist named Steven Terrell.

2023 - Present: Currently completing a training entitled Somatic Relational Trauma Informed Practices for Medicine-Assisted Facilitation with a somatic trauma therapist named Rita Bozi.


I have also taken many other smaller workshops and trainings that are too numerous to list here. In these smaller workshops and trainings I studied things like:


Yoga / Yoga Therapy


Shamanic Healing Techniques

Sound Healing

Energy Healing

Somatic Trauma Therapy

Thai Massage and other bodywork techniques



If you have any questions about my experience or training, please do not hesitate to ask!