Witch School.

A year long training for aspiring witches, shamans, energy workers, and other magical people.

Witch School 2019 was so successful, all of the Witches wanted to continue for another year. How could I say no?!

Because I can only do one Witch School at a time, the next Witch School that is open to the public will likely begin in 2022 or 2023. Stay tuned.


The word “witch” often can illicit images of evil people (usually women) doing horrible things with black magic; In our modern, western culture witches are considered scary, dark and generally bad news.

In not-so-modern western culture, however, the word had a much different meaning.

The original meaning of the word witch, many, many years ago, was someone (of any gender) who practiced Nature-based spirituality, healed both themselves and/or others and who worked with both energy and intuition.

The negative connotations around the word witch began in the early 1400’s when the Monarchies of Europe joined forces with the Roman Catholic Church, who had long decried any form of spirituality that was not their own as “satanic.” They then started persecuting people who did not conform to their rules and regulations, calling these people “witches” (whether they actually were witches or not).  Soon witch hunts, witch trials, witch lynchings and other forms of persecution of witches became common place. The word “witch” also became a convenient term for the authorities to use to describe any woman who did not oblige the patriarchal rule of the day.

Today, being a witch will not get you lynched, but it still has many negative connotations and prejudices and associated with it, and it is still often used to describe women who do not conform to patriarchal standards. Choosing to call this training “witch school” is one of my (very small) contributions to the reclamation of the word witch and to the greater work of unwinding the patriarchy. 

About Witch School:

Witch school is a year long, in-depth training that focuses on energy work and energy healing, psychic energy perception, Nature-based spirituality and the teachings of the ancient wisdom traditions.

My vision for this school is a small, intimate group that is held in safe and sacred container; the kind of container that supports a transformational healing process. Exactly what kind of transformation and healing is up to you, up to the group and up to The Universe. Possible outcomes of this training include:

  • A deeper connection to your Self, your spirituality and your intuition.
  • A more meaningful relationship with your spirit guides, allies, ancestors and the All of Life.
  • A feeling of being more supported, connected and empowered in your day to day life.
  • Freedom from old, outdated patterns and ways of being that are no longer serving you.
  • The ability to create the life that you really want with more power and ease.
  • A deeper, richer and more diverse spiritual toolbox that you can draw from at any time, in any situation.
  • Connection and belonging within a sangha, or spiritual community.
  • Deep healing and increased capacity for joy.

Witch School can only contain a maximum number of 8 participants, and once school has started for the year no new participants will be allowed in. (This helps to create that safe and sacred container).

As such, Witch School is a commitment. Participants should be able to commit to being present for most, if not all, of the classes (barring unforeseen circumstances, of course). Other requirements for Witch School include:

  • Having had at least 1 private session with me before school starts.
  • A commitment to cultivating compassion and non-judgement
  • A commitment to walking the path of transformation.
  • A willingness to make the choice to heal and to live from your truth.
  • An interest in spirituality, energy healing, magic, Nature, and all things witchy!

The curriculum at Witch School will largely be determined by the needs of the group. My hope is that this will allow each participant to feel totally supported no matter what is unfolding in their lives throughout the year.

We will have a very basic structure that revolves around working with the 7 Chakras and the 5 Elements:

Week 1: 

Element: Earth

Chakra: Root

General Themes: Security, Grounding, Connection to Source, Support, Belonging, Material Life, Money

Week 2: 

Element: Earth

Chakra: Crown

General Themes: Security, Connection to Source, Knowing, Wisdom, Support, Connection to Whole, Transcendence

Week 3: 

Element: Water

Chakra: Sacral

General Themes: Creativity, Desire, Sensuality, Flow, Emotions

Week 4: 

Element: Water

Chakra: 3rd Eye

General Themes: Intuition, Dreams, Energy Perception

Week 5: 

Element: Fire

Chakra: Solar Plexus

General Themes: Power, Will, Boundaries, Ego

Week 6: 

Element: Fire

Chakra: Throat 

General Themes: Self Expression, Authentic Voice, Truth 

Week 7: 

Element: Air

Chakra: Heart

General Themes: Love, Relationship, Compassion, Connection, Forgiveness

Week 8: 

Element: Space

Chakra: All

General Themes: Containment and Expansion

Again, the exact nature of our curriculum will be determined by what each participant needs and wants to learn about. Here is a short list of some of the topics we can cover:

  • Creating Healthy Boundaries
  • Energy protection and cleansing
  • Working with anger and other intense emotions
  • Using physical tools: crystals, sage and other herbs as well as other elemental items
  • Making herbal medicine 
  • Praying / casting spells
  • Sacred ceremony and ritual
  • Working with money and abundance
  • Getting to know / healing with spirit guides and allies
  • Grounding
  • Working with Nature spirits 
  • Healing old, outdated energy patterns
  • Reading energy, accessing intuition
  • Healing with light
  • Healing with sound
  • Healing with the 5 Elements
  • Cultivating compassion / living with an open heart
  • Astrological energy healing
  • Plant Spirit healing
  • Masculine and Feminine energy / healing from the patriarchy
  • Working with Ancestors / healing your lineage
  • Working with past lives / healing from past lives

Witch School meets on selected Sundays, from 10 am until 3 or 3:30 pm, for a total of 8 meetings. Our time together will consist of energy work and meditation, discussion, and various activities.


Your tuition for Witch School is all-inclusive and covers:

  • Over 40 hours of classroom time
  • Any herbal medicine making materials
  • Crystals, sage and other energy medicine tools 
  • Guided mediations that you can download and use to practice on your own; these will be based on the themes that emerge in our work together
  • An Integration workbook that you can use to deepen and enrich your experience outside of class (using this workbook is not required – it’s just offered in case it’s helpful to you)

Tuition for 2021 TBA.

Absences: If you miss a class, you will still be expected to pay the cost of the class. (You will, of course, receive all recordings and other integration materials associated with the class that you missed.) This policy supports the safety and transformative power of a closed group. Thank you for understanding!

Refunds: Witch School does not offer refunds.


Witch School will be held mostly at my office in Seattle’s Columbia City neighborhood. During warmer weather, we may hold a class or part of a class in an outdoor location.

How to register:

To register for Witch School, email me at [email protected]

If you are interested in Witch School but have some questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me! You can email me or give me a call at 206-406-0003 (I am often unable to answer but will respond to your voice mail).

Witch School is a subsidiary of Wild Earth Wisdom School, whose mission statement is below:

Wild Earth Wisdom School is committed to creating and maintaining an intimate and powerful environment for learning and transformation.

The curriculum of Wild Earth Wisdom School is based on the premise that we are already perfect and whole, lacking for nothing, exactly as we are in this moment. Therefore the answers and healing that we seek are within us, available within our own innate wisdom. Mother Nature generously offers us support and guides us towards that wisdom when we lose our way.

We commit to examining and dismantling the paradigms that keep us disconnected, empty, isolated and out of touch with Nature and the wisdom that we carry. In doing so we reclaim our power and heal ourselves, our families, our communities and the earth.